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Master new skills, have adventures

Who are Cubs?

Cubs are young people aged 8 to 10½ who: master new skills and try new things, have fun and go on adventures, make friends, are curious about the world around them and help others and make a difference, in their own communities and beyond

Every week, they gather in groups called Cub Packs to take part in lots of interesting and challenging activities – achieving anything they set their minds to, and having lots of fun along the way

The Programme

Being a Cub is all about growing and learning in small but mighty ways. Here are some of the things you’ll get up to with your new friends. Race down a river. Tell stories by torchlight. Fall asleep beneath the stars. Alongside the rest of the Pack, they'll spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. Together, they might build a den in their local park, or create an edible raft out of sweets, or go on a moonlit hike. 


Cubs work as a team to help other people. Together, they'll learn about global issues and what we can all do to help solve them. They'll also make an impact in your the community, through activities such as campaigning to save your local library or collecting donations for a foodbank.

Badges and Awards

Cubs learn by doing. Some of the skills they develop will be practical, like knowing how to cook a delicious meal or give someone first aid. Others will allow them to become a master at a chosen hobby, or help them to succeed in whichever job they decide to do when they grow up. But the most important skills they'll learn at Cubs are the ones that will make them feel confident and happy in their own skin. Whatever skills they'd like to learn, it’s all about having the courage to try new things and learn from them.

Participation, rather than meeting set standards, is the key approach, and there are a range of badges and challenge awards that Cub Scouts can gain to recognise their achievements.


What we have been doing....​

A big part of being a Beaver is getting the chance to meet up with other Beavers from the local area and go on trips.


This photo was taken when we were at the National Space Centre in Leicester finding out about life in space. We had lots of fun trying out all the activities they had to offer. 

To get involved...

To register your son/daughter for Cubs please contact us for more information and leave your contact details for us to get back to you.


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